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Research activities

The EDT team (Diphasic Flow and Turbulence) is interested in the transport and mixing properties in multiphase, multi-scale and/or turbulent flows. The research work can be declined on the three axes:

  1. Particles, inclusions and dispersed flows
  2. Interfaces and instabilities
  3. Dynamics and structure of turbulence

The intersections between these axes show the complexity of the mechanisms involved, see figure above. The coherence of the research activities is based on themes such as dispersed flows (particles, inclusions, bubbles and droplets), the structure and dynamics of turbulence (wall, wave or cryogenic), hydrodynamic and interface instabilities, or fluid-structure interaction and control. Indeed, the systems studied include strong couplings at the interfaces whose applications are varied and motivated by environmental, industrial and health issues. The team also distinguishes itself by a strong mutualization of tools, experimental methods and advanced instrumentation development allowing a fine analysis of the multi-scale and multi-physical mechanisms of the studied flows. Indeed, in addition to the development of experimental facilities (bubble columns, hydrodynamic loop, active grid, rotating smooth discs ...), the team develops instrumentation such as optical Doppler effect probes (A2Ps), NMR spectroscopy, high-speed stereoPIV LIF LIF, rapid imaging, acoustic correlation etc... without forgetting the specific tools for multi-scale and multi-physical analysis.

A few highlights of our activities:

  1. Human respiratory system
  2. Gravity driven bubbly flows
  3. Turbulent transport of scalar and particles
  4. Thermodynamical control of cryogenic ergols in tanks
  5. Modeling of biofilm growth under controlled conditions
  6. Structure of turbulence

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