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EuHIT (European High-Performance Infrastructures in Turbulence) is a project of unique experimental facilities for large Reynolds number turbulence. The project has been submitted to the European Commission in November 2011. The LEGI is coordinating two work packages :
- Access to the new Coriolis rotating platform, under construction (J. Sommeria)
- Joint Reserarch Activity ’Particles and fields (M. Bourgoin)
and is participating in different other activities.
See summary of the proposal.


Advances in key economical and societal issues facing Europe, like energy generation, climate change and pollution, are obstructed by the lack of understanding of turbulence. To date, models fail to explain many fundamental turbulence issues, from boundary layers and particle transport, to heat transport and turbulence in complex and quantum fluids. This has lead several European countries to fund new large-scale turbulence facilities, unsurpassed in flow properties and measurement technologies.

These three international groups with members from 10 countries propose to form the European High-performance Infrastructures in Turbulence (EuHIT) within the Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3). Based on a rigorous review, eight transnational access facilities were selected from a general call to EU-researchers to provide the research community with access to these world-leading facilities. On the same basis, 22 partner institutions were selected for joint research activities to innovate and explore new fundamental technologies that will ensure efficient and joint use of these research infrastructures. A networking and educational program will be established to foster cooperation among researchers, to train them in using the most modern equipment and data analysis techniques, and to promote the clustering of related projects.