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PhD proposal : Aero-acoustic study of the influence of waveguide dynamics on sound production, propagation and radiation for human speech

PhD topic :

The PhD position is funded within the ANR project Full3DTalkingHead , titled "Fully 3D talking head with aero-acoustic simulations", which aims to study dynamic speech sound production. As such, the PhD candidate benefits from an interdisciplinary consortium gathering experts in medical imaging, phonetics, data sciences and aero-acoustics.The physics of human speech sound production presents itself as a complex fluid-structure-acoustic interaction problem. The generation of a single phoneme can be described as a sound source, origination somewhere in the upper airways i.e. the glottis and vocal tract, the sound then propagates through the vocal tract waveguide and is subsequently radiated at the lips. Whereas the physical phenomena underlying single phoneme speech sound production are well known, the dynamic nature of speech sound production is less studied.

Therefore, the aim of this PhD is to contribute to the understanding, modelling and simulation of 3D waveguide dynamics on the sound sources and subsequent sound propagation and radiation.

Skills :

Physics, Applied mathematics, Acoustics, Data science and signal processing, Mechanics

How to apply :

Send CV and motivation letter to :
- Annemie Van Hirtum (annemie.vanhirtum(A)
- Xavier Pelorson (xavier.pelorson(A)