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Turbulent boundary layer flow measurement and analysis with ACVP

This training video presents the hydroacoustic measurement technology ACVP (Acoustic Concentration & Velocity Profiler) developed at LEGI within the european H2020 project Hydralab+.
Its application to the measurement of the hydrodynamic properties of a gravity-driven open-channel flow in a steady uniform, fully turbulent and hydraulically rough flow regime is described. The experiment is carried out in the 12m long x 50cm deep x 35cm wide LEGI tilting flume.
The experimental protocol, the ACVP setup, configuration and data acquisition are first explained. The data processing under matlab and the analysis of the obtained measurement results are shown subsequently. The analysis of the logarithmic velocity profile, the vertical profiles of normal and shear Reynolds stresses and of the turbulent velocity spectra, all validate the existence of the law of the wall and Prandtl’s turbulent mixing length concept.
Finally, the capability of analyzing the turbulent flow organization in terms of dynamics and statistics of coherent flow structures such as ejection and sweep type events, is briefly shown.