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EDT team: Two-Phase flows and turbulences

Head: DJERIDI Henda

In Brief:

The EDT (Diphasic Flow and Turbulence) team focuses mainly on the study of model systems, with a limited number of control parameters, with the aim of identifying and characterizing fundamental mechanisms. This approach focuses on systems with complex dynamics involving turbulence, inclusions (bubbles, solids, drops, bacteria) and/or interfaces (waves, instabilities, wave turbulence, elastic structures) as well as their interactions. It involves in particular the statistical study of the links between micro-scale and average or collective behaviour as well as coupling between phases. For this purpose, in addition to conducting dedicated experiments, the team develops various instruments (optical probes, dynamic acoustic correlation, high-resolution imaging, etc.) as well as specific analysis tools (Lagrangian measurements, conditional statistics, etc.). Ultimately, the understanding of fundamental mechanisms leads mainly to improvements of models that can be incorporated into codes and to innovations for industrial systems (process optimization, control methodologies), for health or for measurement systems.